TETRA Webinar: Community engagement for NGI projects

When: 07 September 2021 from 10:00 to 11:45 CEST
Where: Online

What will you get?
Community-led growth is a perfect model for open-source projects where development is already driven by community. This webinar will focus on community engagement, user acquisition and retention for NGI projects.

We will offer two perspectives – insights from a community engagement expert and an experience sharing session with a free software activist.

In the first part you will hear about community-led growth as a powerful strategy for open source companies. Our message is that unlike paid advertising or direct sales, building a community of engaged supporters will grow with you organically. There are several ways community members can help you build and promote your business - in this session you can find out if any of them is right for your company.

The starting point of the experience sharing session is that the upbeat discourse of innovation would like you to think that the revolution will come from a quacking duck sitting in an armchair. Obviously, as global tensions arise, complexity begs to differ. The last session will highlight the difference between community and the collective, where vanishing lines are making a stand.

How to apply?
No prior registration is needed. Link of the event: https://bbb.tbm.tudelft.nl/b/gre-cn6-fek-ygh

Johanna-Mai Riismaa is a community engagement consultant for nonprofits, causes and community-driven businesses. She has a decade of experience as a Volunteer Coordinator for large teams at international and Estonian organizations. She is also founder and CEO of Zelos, a goal-oriented community engagement app.

Hellekin is a free software activist with almost three decades organizing grassroots events and virtual communities. He co-founded Petites Singularités in 2017 to apply 50+ years of knowledge researching collective practices and free technology production. He currently mentors developers within the NGI0 consortium and NGI POINTER DREAM program.

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Thanks for sharing This looks like it might interest @erik_lonroth and possibly some of the blivande crowd @hugi

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Indeed. Where can we find the recording do you know? Is it in the site?