TETRA Webinar: Design Thinking

When: 10 November 2021 at 16:00 CET
Where: Online
Workshop powered by NGI TETRA and NGI Explorers

When designing complex systems , it is important to reduce the risks as soon as possible .
This webinar will introduce you to a pragmatic design thinking approach that allows to quickly formulate and test hypotheses (“fail fast, fail cheap”).
The proposed approach is hands-on, validated on several high-tech cases and avoids the “fluffiness” that is sometimes associated with Design Thinking methods.
We will consider both the product/service and the business plan itself as prototypes that must be refined and tested with the aim of reducing risks.

CEO at European Startup Network
Jan Bormans , Ph.D., MBA, has been active in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship for more than 20 years. Jan was strategy advisor at the IMEC nanotechnology research centre (that developed one of the first open innovation business models worldwide) and valorisation manager of the Flanders DC/Vlerick Business School knowledge centre. He has been actively involved in various start-up initiatives such as start it @KBC and startups.be since 2010. Jan has also co-founded Kunigi, an interdisciplinary innovation agency. From 2019 on, Jan is the CEO of the European Startup Network. Jan’s LinkedIn profile