TETRA Webinar: Intellectual Property in the World of Blockchain

Webinar powered by NGI TETRA and ONTOCHAIN
Managing intellectual property (IP) itself is not an easy task, and when it comes to tackling IP issues in blockchain technologies, it may become even more challenging. NGI TETRA, in cooperation with NGI ONTOCHAIN, is organising a webinar programme to cover the basics of IP in the world of blockchain and to guide you on how to make use of IP when dealing with blockchain-related projects.

First session: Managing IP in Blockchain Applications
When dealing with IP and blockchain, the issues are twofold: securing IP rights in Blockchain technology and managing IP rights through Blockchain technology. On one hand, there is the obvious fact that blockchain software and data deployment must deal with existing IP rights and those generated as a consequence of that deployment, such as software copyright and licensing, databases rights, trade secrets etc. On the other hand, a blockchain seems to be a perfect tool to serve as a legal ledger for the recording of IP rights and several projects are attempting to redesign IP management processes.

Second session: IP Landscape in Blockchain
The presentation will provide an overview of the state of the art in different areas of Blockchain, including Self Sovereign Identity, Copyright Management, Data Provenance, Reputation Models, Value Sharing, Incentives and others by exemplifying these applications through patent landscapes collected by MyIntelliPatent. This supporting tool is provided by IntelliSemantic to the third parties participating in the NGI ONTOCHAIN project to contribute to their state of the art and to check the eventual need to apply for a new patent if this is suitably motivated by their innovation.

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Attorney at law, IP & ICT Legal Expert
Initially as a practitioner at several major law firms in France then in Luxembourg, Erwin is the founding partner of JURISCONSUL, a leading boutique law firm, specializing on intellectual property, software, technology and increasingly focusing on fintech. Erwin is the author of “Précis sur les crypto-monnaies” edited by Legitech. He also authors articles on blockchains, artificial intelligence and copyright. He regularly speaks in events involving technologies and digital content.

Research Manager
Alberto Ciaramella, CEO of IntelliSemantic, is active in the research of text and data analytics, semantics, linked data and big data technologies, artificial intelligence. These technologies are used in different verticals, as Patents, Scientific, Technical and Medical publications for business intelligence, an example of which is the solution MyIntelliPatent, for patent landscaping and monitoring. Alberto Ciaramella is presently active in the NGI Ontochain project, and in the past, he participated in several other successful EU-funded projects.

@TETRA has not indicated the date and time of the event. I looked it up: it is on June 2nd at 10.00 CEST.