TETRA Webinar: IP protection in software development

This webinar presents and explains Intellectual Property (IP) rights with relevance to software innovation, in particular:

  1. Copyright: as it relates to code and other aspects of a software product
  2. Patents: which may be sought for technical effects brought about by new software algorithms and solutions
  3. Registered designs: to protect new and commercially-relevant visual aspects of user interfaces, and trade secrets; that can attach to data sets, coding techniques and other proprietary aspects of software development.

Registration: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/381156011989739531
More info: https://business.ngi.eu/join-now/webinars/ip-protection-in-software-development/

Speaker - Stéphane Ambrosini, Senior Associate and European Patent Attorney at Marks & Clerk (Luxembourg) LLP

Stéphane is an Irish, British and European patent attorney, an Irish and European trade mark and design attorney, and a Luxembourgish Conseil en Propriété Industrielle.

His specialist practice areas are patents for computer implemented inventions, including card and other electronic payment systems, database architectures, digital image processing software, motion capture and animation software, data flow management and security, cryptology and user interfaces; and design rights.

Stéphane particularly enjoys working with digital start-ups and SMEs in need of identifying, structuring and capturing their IP, both for securing investments and strengthening their growth. As a Senior Associate, he continues to work with a wide variety of traditional and cutting-edge technologies, digital devices, wireless and mobile telecommunications systems, digital control systems, medical devices, alternative energy power generation systems and power tools.

With over 20 years’ experience working in IP, Stéphane has also enjoyed opportunities to develop skills in trade mark practice involving advice and filing; patent licensing; and enforcement of patent, trademark and design rights both in a pre-action context and at Court.

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