TETRA webinar: Managing Copyright with Open Source Licenses and Creative Commons

Have you ever wanted to share and promote your work in a legal way? Did you ever question if you can legally use some works you may find online?

Open licenses can help you answer these questions. This webinar has been designed to help you manage IP rights in a legal and practical way.

As so, we will talk about:
• basic copyright law and its relationship with open licenses;
• how to use open licenses in your professional practice;
• how to develop an open business model and integrate open access licenses in your projects.

In the end, we believe you will be able to explore the web in another perspective, in a more “copyright-friendly” way.

Looking forward to meeting you and talk about open licensing!

Registration: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/2436508285261140751
More info: https://business.ngi.eu/join-now/webinars/webinar-17-managing-copyright-with-open-source-licenses-and-creative-commons/

Diogo Morais Oliveira is an Attorney-at-law based in Porto, Portugal. Currently, as a Legal Advisor in Sonae MC, he works in technology transfer and copyright protection and compliance. He also has expertise in IP Law for the cultural and creative sector.

Diogo is the partner of D10, a creative hub in Viana do Castelo in Portugal, and the legal co-coordinator of Creative Commons Portugal, being responsible for the project “CC Local Point”.

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