TETRA Webinar: Optimizing your Access to Capital – Building FOMO and Understanding the Fundraising Process

When: 29 September from 16:00 to 17:30 CEST
Where: Online

Workshop powered by NGI TETRA and NGI Explorers

What will you get?
Fundraising is an uncertain process that is almost completely driven by your ability to create FOMO (Fear of Mission Out) among a community of investors, many of which you probably have never met, and most of which do not know you. How do you go about raising a round of finance with money hitting your account at the right time, at the best possible terms ?

This session will look at the tools of the trade, which are evolving day by day. It is driven by tested underlying models provided by open resources like SERAF (www.seraf-investor.com, a leading source of early stage funding resources), and touches on subjects like: how do I identify the highest potential investors, how do I move the process forward step by step, what are fast-forwarding and investment process “hacks” that can supercharge the process ?

During the workshop you will work on your ideal investor persona and fundraising roadmap.

Will Cardwell (https://www.linkedin.com/in/willcardwell/) has been lead, co-lead, or follower investor in more than 50 Nordic, Baltic and Eastern European early stage investments across a broad range of technologies, starting in 2001. His current portfolio includes 47 companies in edtech, healthtech, cleantech, and B2B SaaS. He is a general partner in Courage Ventures in Finland, Open Circle Capital in Lithuania, and TechMinsk in Belarus and has an angel portfolio of 11 companies in various countries. He is professor of practice of entrepreneurship at the University of North Carolina, and lectures at Aalto University and Helsinki Business School.

More info: https://business.ngi.eu/join-now/webinars/

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