TETRA Webinar: Smart use of IP in the Next Generation Internet

When: 5 October 2021 | 10:00-12:30 (CET)

Where: Online

Organised in cooperation with NGI POINTER, NGI TETRA and NGI ZERO, the event aims at bringing the open source intellectual property experts in the Next Generation Internet community (and any interested parties!) together, and discuss relevant issues around open source software (OSS) and open hardware IP management, including defensive publications, basic licensing, legal infrastructure and much more.

10:00 Opening
10:00-10:15 : Short presentations from the event partners
• Mirko Presser, NGI Pointer
• Onur Emul, NGI Tetra
• Joost Agterhoek, NGI Zero
10:15-10:40 : Introduction to IP and a case study on the use of trademarks with open source technology
• Onur Emul, NGI Tetra
• Case study (tbc)
10:40-10:55 : Defensive Publications
• Armijn Hemel, Tjaldur Software Governance
10:55-11:35 : Basics of Open-Source Software Licensing
• Gabriel Ku Wei Bin, Free Software Foundation Europe
11:35-11:45 : Open hardware IP management
• Keith Bergelt, Open Invention Network
11:45-12:00 : Legal infrastructure for open source projects
• Michiel Leenaars, Commons Conservancy
12:00-12:30 : Q&A

How to apply?
No registration is required. You can access the webinar with this LINK!