Text Source - Remote Work and Distributed Organisation Webinar

Remote work can provide healthy distance during the COVID-19 pandemic and also helps to minimize an organization’s greenhouse gas emissions. But becoming an efficient distributed organization is not an easy feat. We at Edgeryders have been a distributed organization for a long time. But, even we have to continuously improve our own practices and support others to do the same.

In 2019 we conducted in depth research on effective practices for distributed and remote work in collaboration with EIT Climate Kic, Europe’s leading Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) working to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon economy. We are currently pulling it all together into an extensive manual for running distributed teams and organisations.

During this 20-minute event, Edgeryders will present our research insights around five key areas of good practice: communication, collaboration, socializing, tools and organization building.

This event is a friendly space to share and discuss your findings, experiences and good practices with distributed collaboration. Edgeryders co-founders Matthias and Nadia will provide some scaffolding for that discussion through a brief overview of our learnings around running distributed teams and organisations so far.


A Zoom meeting. We will send you the link after you register.

A brief presentation of our research findings, followed by an open, moderated discussion. A moderator will give the floor to people who want to contribute something. If you want to share your point of view, use the call’s chat to let us know, and the moderator will give you the floor. If you have a question to ask the speaker, ask it in the chat (better) or let us know you want to ask a question. Questions are taken before we move on to the next speaker.

The call will be recorded for research purposes. Please read details about that process in this info sheet: Participant Information Sheet for online events . By joining the call you confirm that you understand and consent.

Everyone is welcome .

The zoom links will be send out shortly before the event via email.

About the organizers:

This event is organised by Edgeryders OÜ, a not for profit enterprise that provides leaders in public, private and third sector organisations with ideas and recommendations that they cannot find through traditional consultancy. It forms part of Edgeryders mission to support work towards more resilient futures. You can learn more about Edgeryders here and follow our policy and strategy work at the Edgeryders research institute.