Text to introduce the daily headlines email

@Nadia @Noemi here’s some text as discussed for introducing the daily email to a whole mailing list

Hi EdgeRyder!

We’re prototyping a new way for us all to communicate about the great work and projects that are happening inside EdgeRyders. Here’s how it will work, and how you can share updates about your project with other EdgeRyders.

Every day, we’ll send you an email with about 5 project headlines from the previous day. You can read a quick update from each project, click through if you want to know more, and share with your friends and networks if you want to help the project get more exposure.

To get your updates out to everyone just reply to the daily email with a sentence or two about what’s going on in your project and a URL if you have one, and it will go out the following day. Your update can be anything you want the community to know or share with their networks. Maybe you just finished some great work and you want to share it, you want to publicise your project, or you’re stuck on something and need some help.

Perpetual beta means this is a test and we’ll tweak it as we go, but you’ll be able to opt out any time if you don’t want the extra updates.


It seems like a great start, many thanks for your feedback today on the use of being on a mailing list - keeping up to date with devs and having the opportunity to share your own updates.

@Said Hamideh how does this sound? The idea is to try it out with everyone in the approx1500 members in the mailing list, with possibility to opt out, rather than start small and invest a lot of effort in making the possibility to opt in. Or am i mistaken? A bit of discussion background here.

I’m still wondering which is the best way to go… we HATE taking risks when it comes to spamming for attention - hence our only 2 -3 times a year newletter to all.

is there a way I can be flagged to thoshot happenings with URL?

@noemi I’d be happy to create new sections in the #countonme daily updates that give us all insight into new projects we need to be supporting. It might be easier for the time being for others to ping me with updates they would like to see included. As far as sending it to the entire list – I don’t have experience adding in such a large number of people who didn’t ask for the list. It might be better for me to manually explain the concept to every Edgeryders who’s active on Twitter, letting them know its a vehicle for them to add updates. What do you think? If anything it would give me an excuse to engage with these 224 Edgeryders on Twitter. https://twitter.com/edgeryders/lists/edgeryders-community

How about a combination?

An email via the mailing list with the text James produced above and an early bird opt out possibility.  Then ping people on twitter and remind them we are going to be using the mailing list in this new way (point them to the url of the email they have received in their inboxes, mailchimp generates a socially shareable version of the newsletter).

I would ask for one thing though.

You know the smore dashboard? Is it possible to have buttons for automagic FB and linkedin updates too for each headline?

First email with headlines goes out tomorrow

Hi guys, here are the first headlines, what do you think of the format? The help texts will shorten over time to simplify the format even more and make it quick to read.

We’re starting with a list of 30 people in the Edgeryders network, and aiming to grow through 1) possibility to opt in (in the shareable version of mailchimp email) and 2) human community management approach - pinging on social media and personal invites

I’m wondering though, using a mailing list service means that there’s always a percentage of email boxes which store it in bulk/spam folder, and in Edgeryders case over a half of users not opening it for this reason… does anyone know if putting in one’s personal email as sender and reply-to email helps, as opposed to corporate email addresses?

I think it looks good. Would have two sections

Headlines: The same as above

Deadlines: When important windows of opportunity are closing. E.g signing up for events, helping someone with a project, etc.

Mm maybe we just create a list with email addresses and send it to that list via one of the edgeryders email accounts. Personal is better.

Perhaps rather than use mailchimp we use a group on the platform, and post countonme posts in there, embedding a signup form for joining the list in each post? Ideally we have signup not through mailchimp but  until we have a better option, just use their embeddable form?

Starting w email and improving within weeks eg platform group

Let’s see how it goes first emailing via edgeryders.eu.

"create a list with email addresses and send it to that list via one of the edgeryders email accounts. " Let’s see if I can do this,… can you give me access to one of the edgeryders.eu email accounts (contact@edgeryders.eu/ info@edgeryders.eu)? I only have access to edgeryders@gmail.com

Access to send from contact@edgeryders.eu

Have sent you access details via the edgeryders.eu contact form, since damn Google still is unable to detect spam properly (blocking my e-mails to you …). Anyway, hope you got the e-mail via the contact form at least and can get access to sending from the Edgeryders e-mail address this way.