Thank you to everyone who contributed to making LOTE2 happen!

Photos By Joel Obrecht

So what came out of #LOTE2? So much activity, discussions, collaborations, projects kicked off and ideas developed and are still surfacing as I type this post. With Noemi’s help I have put together an overview of all the post #lote2 activity so that you can jump in and get involved even if you were not physically present or are a new member of the Edgeryders family. As was explained on saturday evening, now that the Council of Europe project is over what Edgeryders becomes and how far it goes depends on what you, me and everyone we know make of it… Join the conversation and activities here! I wanted to on behalf of everyone who participated thank the people who helped make the event happen:

  1. The Council of Europe through Ms. Gilda Farrell, Head of Division at the Social Cohesion Research and Early Warning Division for kindly supporting the event with the Venue and catering throughout the event. Also thank you Malcolm cox for helping out with all the internal administration at the Council of Europe.
  2. Ms. Amelia Andersdotter, MEP (Sweden/Piratpartiet) for kindly supporting welcoming the Edgeryders community and the Policy Hero Challenge track into the European Parliament. Thank you also to Ms. Andersdotters head of staff Mattias Bjärnemalm for all you kind work in helping us prepare and get the word out.
  3. Ms. Sophie Bibet for kindly allowing us to use her beautiful venue L'usine for the Friday night and Saturday night post-work meetings and parties. And for kindly offering places to sleep to several Edgeryders and going out of her way to make them feel comfortable and welcome.
  4. Ásta Helgadóttir for providing her sharp organisational skills and tireless work to help everyone find a place to stay while in Brussels. Thomas Goorden for kindly putting us in touch with the Egg and Isabelle Hureux. And Ilaria D'Aura for help with identifying catering.
  5. Airbnb France through Nicolas Ferrary, Clément Marcelet, and Nawal El Mansali for proving \#lote2 participants with a discount on bookings through the service and Kat Borlongan for having gotten in touch with them and made the arrangement.
  6. Matthias Ansorg, Helene Finidori, Eimhin Shortt, Ola Möller, Ben Vickers, Joel Obrecht, Andrei Trubceac , Michael Ickes, Noemi Salantiu, Petros, Adria Florea, Caroline Paulick Thiel, and Malcolm Cox for having helped put prepare and facilitate contents of Day1: The Local Action Hero Challenge.
  7. Alberto cottica, Vinay Gupta, Ilaria D'Aura, Justyna Krol, Kat Borlongan, Prabhat Agarwal, Philippe Verstichel and Charanya Chidambaram for kindly helping prepare, facilitate and provide expert input into the Policy Hero Challenge.
  8. The amazing Laia Ros together with Sophie Bibet, Erika and Eimhin Shortt for having prepared and curated the party content. Simone Muffolini and Yolanda for helping with the most boring but equally important part, the cleaning up.
  9. The many kind souls who opened your homes to many Edgeryders through the Couchsurfing networks and various other online fora.
  10. I'm sure I'm missing many people. Please help me make sure everyone is acknowledged by adding a comment if you know someone who should be on this list ... Please pick someone on the list and let them know you appreciate their efforts by tweeting them a thank you!

Congratulations for the valuable work you did!! I’ll have a look and… hope to be there next time! Pedro

We missed you, and yes you’ll be there if we have to drag you :smiley:

Sending hugs,