thanks and next steps

thanks to all for the thoughts, organisation and fun!
where should I put more pics etc (esp the summary of our microbio expt!! so sad… :wink: )?? I already sent a bunch of pics from the urban games - which were super for getting to know people, thanks again!! - to Noemi!
who know where the musicians were from and what their instruments are called, btw?? (shame they just really did one song after making us wait so long, but it was awesome!)
already asked hackteria’s Marc if he thought any other swiss biohack groups might want to get in for the european OpenInsulin hub!!


Hi @Rachel all good - all the photos and documentation is being uploaded in[ this folder],
and most text files will be transfered on edgeryders these days.

@Natalia should know about the musicians and instruments.

Was lovely to meet you, till the next one … <3

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btw, where do I send receipts for travel costs? I already sent the airline info when it was booked, but probably also have a big form to fill in??? (If it is any help, I was already reimb’d for one DITOS thing, but maybe it is not the same source now??)
all the best!