The Agency & UNDP: A Wiki Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan for UNDP Spot the Future 


In its bid to discover unkown societal challenges, exchange perspectives, and generate solutions for target countries in the UNDP Spot the Future program (Armenia, Georgia, Egypt), the program has called for citizens in these countries to submit personal essays that address problems and solutions to their country’s most pressing problems. One requirement for these stories is that they should refer to pre-existing initatives in some way. Therefore the essays should consider the following questions:

  1. Reflect on what obstacles the initiatives face and what could be done to work around them.
  2. Reflect on how the initiative relates to one or more of these themes and topics. 
  3. Which approaches or projects seem most promising and credible to people interacting with them? 
  4. What obstacles are they coming across and what small steps do they feel could be taken to address them assuming no one else is coming?
  5. What obstacles require more state level intervention, or even just peer to peer collaboration on a global scale?


There are two rewards behind this call for articles:

  1. 200 USD stipend
  2. Select article authors will receive a limited number of funded travel bursements to attend an International Conference in Tblisi, Georgia

Outreach Targets:

  • Bloggers
  • Online Influencers
  • Politically engaged citizens (discoverable via blog comments and social media postings, for instance) 
  • Relevant NGOs and nonprofits
  • Journalists and Editors
  • Active and less than active Edgeryders members (maybe some of them reside or have connections to target countries)
  • Subscribers to relevant social media channels


Influencer Outreach

  • Develop Google Spreadsheet containing list online influencers in Georgia, Armenia, Egypt who will spread the world about article submissions. Use tools to develop influencer list searching, filtered by country and other category (think intermediaries who care about what we do):

Online Press Release Distribution

Email Marketing

Mailchimp …

Content Marketing

  • Edit, re-create user submitted stories, the optimizes them as "social content" (SCO)

To be continued…

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we even have crm if you guys need it

And it can be modified if needed /t/edgeryders-dev-testing/331/task-436-2409

I don’t think we’ll need that for managing complex services between a handful of clients. But I could be mistaken. I’ll look into it.