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Work From Home

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Remote collaboration can be hard. We have made all the mistakes and found good solutions so you don’t have to.

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Remote is different.

Our ability to work to function well as organizations and teams that rely on remote work is not fixed by downloading the next smart tool. We can help solve your complex remote work challenges and make sure you gain the competencies for continuing success. Our approach is tool-agnostic and grounded in 26+ years of hands-on experience.

What we offer

Our clients range from small startups to regional authorities to multinationals organisations. We offer empathetic, custom made support adapted to your context and language.


Our team of specialists are driven by a shared purpose: make working life as good for others as we have made it for ourselves. To meet our own needs as an organisation that relies on remote work, we developed a unique stack of work practices, skills and culture. Today, we are a community of people building, managing and working as remote teams across 80+ countries.

  • What if your organisation or team could work well together even when physically apart?
  • What if your organisation’s “work from home” policy could be a competitive advantage, while also
    helping address important social, diversity, urban planning and environmental issues?
  • What if you could have a meaningful, well-paid career without a daily commute to a physical office.

If you are starting, managing, working in, joining, or starting a distributed team, this is for you.{class=“highlight” style=“color: wheat !important”}

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