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 description:  Covid has forever changed the way we will work. Instead of losing time, money and energy, learn to adapt to the future by working in distributed teams that are semi or fully remote.
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For the past nine years, at Edgeryders, we have been discussing some of the biggest issues facing society. It all started in 2011 when our co-founders were researching how to solve youth unemployment for a Council of Europe project.

We built an open online platform and hundreds of people shared how they were responding to the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. We needed a way to process all this information, so developed a methodology and some software to help us see what all of these conversations were telling us.

Since then, we have brought thousands of people from all walks of life to the Edgeryders platform to find solutions to today’s most pressing issues - from how we can provide healthcare for everyone to ways we can help fight the climate catastrophe.

An organisation that was born in a crisis, today the world is facing another unprecedented time and Edgeryders wants to help individuals and organisations navigate this new territory. Covid has dramatically impacted our lives and has changed the way that we will work forever.

While we believe that working remotely has a huge amount of benefits, we think that when done badly, it can be detrimental to individuals and organisations. Long-standing challenges that predate the current pandemic will continue to cause organisations loss of time, money and energy into the future if not remedied.

We are leveraging the 6000 people of our Edgeryders community, many of whom - including us - have huge experience of working in and organising distributed teams, to help.

Over the coming months we are drawing on 26 years of experience for a book so that leaders can build the right culture and mindset to successfully run a distributed organisation.

We are also creating a living step-by-step extensive manual on how teams can adapt to this new way of work. We are also producing a high quality online course or MOOC, to provide organisations and individuals with the necessary skill set required to implement a remote model successfully.

It won’t be an easy feat; we are launching a crowdfunding campaign to turn our vision into a reality and we need your help.

We need to cover the cost of writing, editing, designing, developing lesson plans, filming, illustrating and paying expert instructors.

If like us, you think more clarity and learning is needed surrounding distributed and remote work, then support our efforts by donating to our crowdfunding page here.

Step by step you will be able to take the wellbeing of yourself, your team and your organisation into your own hands, no matter where those hands might be localised.

What you will get if you contribute to the campaign

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{ Wash Your Hands } - Pledge €5 or more - Our Gratitude. Thank you for coming on board and showing us your support. And for showing solidarity with many people who’s safety and livelihoods depend on their being able to work from home.

{ Boost your immune system } - Pledge €15 or more. You can watch the live streaming of our introductory lesson in real time - and ask the speakers questions via the live webchat. We’ll send you a special live streaming url and you’ll be able to participate in the class from the comfort of your home!

{ Illustrated Guide to virtual meetings } - Pledge € 20 or more - You have a call coming up. And need a fast, nice way to get people to avoid the most common mistakes and adopt best practices. This illustrated 1 page document will save you a lot of explaining time.

{ Illustrated Book: The Anywhere Organisation } - Pledge € 25 or more - You need a fast, fun way to inspire people to shift to a possible-right-now future of work that is good for people, planet and business. This illustrated book will take the reader on an epic journey of discovery in 8 short (1-Page) steps.

{ Access to the Mooc } - Pledge € 30 or more- You get an access code to online course once it is done.

{ Small Lab Test } - Pledge €35 or more - You (anonymously) answer a few questions on an online form. Based on the results we send you a set of personalised recommendations for practices that we have found to work well.

{ Access to Webinar: How to move your events online } - Pledge € 50 or more - A lot of professional events are getting cancelled at the moment. In our experience online events are in many ways superior to their physical counterparts if done well. But, it requires you to rethink everything you think you know about what events are and how they work. This Webinar introduced you to the basics.

{ Small Lab Test + MOOC } - Pledge € 65 or more - Completing the self-evaluation before taking the MOOC will help you identify which parts of the course are especially relevant to your situation. So you can better make use of the course materials.

{ Therapy } - Pledge € 85 - You get access to weekly moderated group calls for 2 months in which our experts and community of remote-workers share problems and solutions. Each call is prepared and facilitated by our wonderful community managers. These calls are also a great opportunity to grow your professional network since you will meet people from many fields and locations.

{ Medium Lab-Test + Mooc } - Pledge 150 € or more - You and up to 5 of your team members (anonymously) answer a few questions as individuals or teams on an online form. Based on the results we send you a set of recommendations for practices that we have found to work well. You also get access to the MOOC.

{ Drop-in Consultation } - Pledge 245 € or more - We will sit down with you for an in- depth conversation to make sense of how distributed collaboration could be introduced in your own organisation or context. Then make recommendations for what could make an improved remote collaboration experience in your case.

{ Prescription } - Pledge 600 - You get access to a monthly live webinar series with our expert for 6 months. Each webinar will zoom in on a key area of expertise you need to develop in order to master the art of remote and distributed collaboration. They include online facilitation, community building, community management, digital placemaking, effective documentation, Intercultural communication.

{ Deep Clean your House } - Pledge 1000 € or more - Every organisation is different and has different distributed and remote collaboration needs, established routines, technology preferences etc. We will run one online workshop for your team to co-create a remote collaboration environment and processes that works for your organisation.

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