The Bangladeshi project is on hold

Bad news. Just this morning I received an email update from the Bangladeshi: adjusting to the political instability in the country following the recent elections has been taking all of their time. The Geohacking project is not happening there, for now – and frankly I am not holding my breath for the future.

However, the idea is sound. We will keep looking for places to deploy it, and clients to fund it. If you guys have any idea, let me know.

So sorry but we’ll keep converging our synergies about that…

Hi, @Alberto!

First, thank you very much for your update post.

Well, I’m so sorry for these bad news, but I’m sure that our tenacity and perserverance will reward us!

I wanna be positive… Let’s try to keep converging our synergies toward this innovation!

I already talked to @simonecortesi about that project-idea alive on my mind… By the way, I’d like to thank you both, kind @Alberto and @simonecortesi.

Endless Thanks!

Let’s keep in touch!