The Borderland Dreams Platform is up!

The Borderland Dreams Platform is up! All members can seek funding for the art projects they plan for this years gathering.

During a week tucked into the deep forests of Tiveden we built further tools for decentralization into the system. For the past three years the platform has enabled the community members to decide which projects our ~150k € budget should fund, but now we’re all also responsible for reviewing each others plans and budgets! If you find a project that doesn’t comply with the guidelines then you startle the monster :japanese_ogre::fire: so everyone can see there’s an issue with the project.

Thanks to @hugi or arranging it and for dedicating so much time to building these tools for anarchistic community management.


As you see, considerable work also went into adapting the design to our new paradigm of ‘ugly web’ as a prompt to co-create without prestige. :sunglasses:


#accidentalrenaissanceart, right @richdecibels?

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