The brief: community-led preparedness

We want to prepare a proposal for community-led preparedness for natural disasters based on OpenStreetMap. I have a client that has expressed a preliminary interest; also, Edgeryders is doing work in the field of resilience with several European cities. This could become a replicable product.

The client is now expecting from me a short email in which we:

  • explain what OSM is
  • include one or two links to "power of community" stories, like the Matera story in the video above.
  • quote experience that we, as a team, have in the field.
  • illustrate how we would skill up a local community to build its own repository of disaster prevention-related information, and how that would make response to disaster faster and more effective. In other words, we focus on preparedness, not on response. 
  • illustrate how geohacking skills enable activities in other areas that are not related to natural disasters, but still desirable (the geodata-powered economy). 
  • this has to work in rural areas, in Europe as well as in the developing world.

Deadline: November 25th, 2013.


Can it be related to the FormStorm too, or is it something else storm? Plz, let me know so I link it to the FormStorm Wiki.

Probably not

Not aiming to generate any jobs here. Plus, I as judge cannot very well enter the Diogo Challenge!