The buddy system

Hello @reeflings,

As decided at the plenary meeting of I forgot when, we are going to set up a buddy system in which “old” Reeflings take care of one or more new Reeflings. The idea is just to be the first point of contact for the newlings, and make sure that they find their way through the basics.

Based on what I know about the newlings, I tried to mix and match as good as I could. @Sophie_Beese @ChrisM @Sarah @ThomasMaertens @alberto @ugne @manuelpueyo @Pieter and @RalfWetzel: can you please have a look and let me know this works for you?

This is the internal link to the table.

Quick note: I just sent out the follow-up email, so most people don’t have an Edgeryders account yet. Technically we also don’t know whether they are still interested to join The Reef. But maybe you can send them a text message or PM in the next couple of days?

Thanks in advance!


Works for me :slight_smile:

Not sure who my buddies are, but happy to reach out to them :slight_smile:
A few questions:
Are we giving them a couple of days to respond to your recent email before contacting them?
Do they know that they are getting a buddy?
Where do we find their contact info?

Apologies for creating so much confusion!

Replies to Chris

It’s in the table linked in the first post.

I would leave that up to everybody to see what feels good. The ones who already made it to Edgeryders I would definitely send a message, same for the people that we know as friends outside The Reef.

About the others we don’t know for sure whether they are still in, so I would maybe give that a couple of days?

I am copy/pasting the email they received today below this post so you know what information they got.

What is important is the deadline to express preferences for a Team, which is 13/11.

The ones who were at the workshop know that they are getting a buddy. After that everybody who has access to Nextcloud can also access the table linked above.

I will send that in a PM.

Email sent out to the new Reeflings

Hello there,

This is Lie from The Reef with the follow-up after the get-to-know-each-other workshop of last Saturday’s.

The Powerpoint presentation on the concrete next steps to be taken to join The Reef can be found here.

For those who couldn’t attend the workshop and are still interested to join, here’s the two sentence take-away: at the next plenary meeting we are going to discuss a proposal on who could go on which Team. For this we would need you to fill in some documents by 13/11 at the latest. We also need you to get access to our IT systems ASAP, because we don’t use email to communicate with each other. All this is explained in the Powerpoint linked above.

For the access to Nextcloud, sadly we lost the paper with the hand-written emails, but we are going to work around it as best as we can. It will go as follows:

  • Nextcloud accounts are personal. If we managed to decipher your email, you will receive an automated email (today or tomorrow) with a request to change your password and then you have access to all the documents you need.

  • Kind request to the people whose email we don’t have: can you please send us your email (saying something like “my email is this and my partner’s is that”)? This is for: Jolan & Nic, Luna & Pablo, Richard & Maria, Natasa, Margot and Jeremy. Once we receive your email we’ll create an account ASAP and then you’ll also receive the automated email with a request to change your password.

  • If you would have decided that The Reef is not for you, we’d be grateful if you could let us know. If we haven’t heard from you by the 15th of November (the first plenary meeting) we will cancel your account.

More information about the plenary meeting on 15 November will be added shortly in this thread on our platform. The thread currently has no content, but I wanted to make sure that you got the link and find all the information that you need once I find the time post it.

If you would have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If possible in this thread on our platform, but don’t hesitate to send an email if needed.

All that being said I am confident that I speak on behalf of all the other Reeflings in saying that we very much enjoyed the workshop and that we look forward to getting to know you even further.

All the best,

Lie & Team Reef


I meant that I didn’t know them personally, as I don’t remember them being there on Saturday :wink:

Do we know this by regularly checking the Team Reef group on Edgeryders to see who’s on there?

One you have briefly met, the other one couldn’t be there.

It’s the “onboarding -state-of-play” document that I sent by PM that will be the easiest I think.

I’ll use the “activity” tab in Nextcloud to see who is adding stuff to which documents, and I’ll update their line accordingly, so we keep the overview.

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Loving this new term!


good! noted!

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@Sophie_Beese @ChrisM @Sarah @ThomasMaertens @alberto @ugne @manuelpueyo @Pieter and @RalfWetzel:

I’m going to be offline from tonight until Monday afternoon, so I just wanted to give you a quick summary of what is most urgent for the newlings.

If you find the time, can you please check whether they are finding their way with the following?

  1. Edgeryders account
  2. The skills and experiences document
  3. Preferences for Teams
  4. The Signal emergency chat

The links and the explanation can be found in the Powerpoint they received (internal link) and in the onboarding manual (internal link).