Plenary meeting 15 November

I’m sorry for the redundancy, but I wanted to create a link for the new Reeflings, so I can copy/paste it in their follow-up email.

I will add some more details about the plenary shortly, once I’m done with the onboarding stuff.


Hello @reeflings,

This Tuesday we are having our next plenary meeting. With the exception of the item on the Teams set-up, the draft agenda (internal link) is now ready.

Draft agenda

  • Attention: you need to scroll down to 15/11 (the 28/11 is already shaping up too and is listed above, which may create confusion the first time)
  • Topics scheduled:
    • The budget until April 2023
    • The teams set-up
    • The common spaces: coworking space, multi-purpose room and common living room
  • For the new Reeflings: the draft agenda document contains all the links to the documents we are going to discuss. It really helps for an efficient meeting if you have read the documents prior to the meeting.
  • I will add the proposal on the teams set-up on Monday or on Tuesday and I will ping everybody when I do.

Practical stuff

  • If you can’t make, please put your name in the “excused” line, so we know that you’re not coming. If you would like to contribute your views on one of the agenda points, please feel free to do so in this thread.
  • We make it a point to start in time, and we start with intentional listening from the first minute, so we greatly appreciate it if you could come 5-10 minutes in advance, so you can say hi and settle in.
  • Because we are welcoming so many new Reeflings, we are going to be a bit more flexible on the time spent on each agenda topic. Concretely this means that it is likely that we will need to pick up the discussion on the common spaces at the next plenary meeting.
  • Sadly we don’t have the capacity to take care of drinks for this plenary meeting, so if you’d like to drink anything else but water or tea, it would be great if you could bring your own stuff.

Thanks, @Lee .
Depending on the number of attendees, we may have to completely change the room setting compared to the September plenaries…

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Hey there @reeflings,

I have added the proposal on the Teams set-up to the draft agenda (link in post no 1 above), and also a Powerpoint with some background on the common spaces and the questions for tomorrow. Can you please have a look at this before coming to the meeting?

If you haven’t done so yet it would be great if you could fill in the different onboarding documents, but if you need a bit more time we’ll work it.

If you can’t make it tomorrow it’s really appreciated if you could let us know by putting your name in the “excused” line in the agenda document. This way we somehow know how many people we should expect.

To the old Reeflings: would there be somebody who could meet me at 19:10 to set up the room, settle in and welcome the new Reeflings?

See you tomorrow!

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Hi @Lee , i can’t attend unfortunately, i "excused"myself, but Manuel will be there at 19h10 to help you with the set up & welcoming new reeflings.

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Hi @Lee . I will not be able to be there tomorrow either. I have a weekly commitment on Tuesday nights. My flatmate Dave will be there though. So he’ll inform me about what you will discuss. Have a great meeting!

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Hi @reeflings! Who left their (MEP Library Lovers) notepad and (orange) pen in the room after the plenary?

The ‘library lovers’ makes me think maybe it’s @Wisteria’s?

@Wisteria had not yet been added to the Reeflings group, so she would not get the notification. Fixed now.

@reef-exploring: in case you missed it, in post no 2 above you can find the link to the agenda, which has the link to all the documents that we discussed.

In case you haven’t done so yet: for your choices for the Teams, could you please fill in the documents by Wednesday 23/11 COB?

You can find the links in the Powerpoint that we shared after the get-to-know-each-other workshop, and also in the onboarding manual.