The Card Game Tournament That Imagines Internet Technologies in a Better Future

About Witness

The Witness card game lets you build your ideal economy and government, imagining viable alternatives for societies, economies and technologies against the backdrop of a global climate crisis, and testing it against real world restrictions.

Hosting a local game


Witness was never meant to be an online-only project. We’re looking for ambassadors to host local games around the world. As a host you will invite and engage players in the world of Witness, but you will also document the games and the discussions and ideas that arise from them.

Joining as a player


Witness tournaments are an opportunity to build your utopian society and set it against real world challenges, testing your ideas through play and discussion. Part card tournament, part roundtable, Witness is a project to find real solutions through play. Check out our opportunities to play online, or to register for local events!

Writers’ contest


Witness is a rich and fascinating sci-fi world. Underlying Witness: the Game is a robust wiki of worldbuilding. So much of the minutiae of a society, especially its economics, are sketched out in more detail than most fictional universes. But this lore isn’t set in stone: it’s open source, and we want as many storytellers and artists as possible to help build it! Take part in our writing competition. Come add to the lore and the human stories of Witness. Enter here.

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