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What are the implications of a post-capitalist society on technology development around the globe?
How does it challenge many of our underlying assumptions about how people can meet our material, social and existential needs ?

(add section here summarising Solnitz big insights about Disaster Utopias (from her novel “Paradise built in hell”).

Inputs Platform Outputs Outcome
Great People Conversation Articles A narrative. This helps us by giving us a sense of how we can “push” for rewiring of local economies in ways that can resonate with a broad spectrum of people. It includes pieces of (unorthodox) economic theory (like Mazzucato); data (no, regional policies how we are doing them now do not always lead to your region “catching up”); and Doctorow’s “architect’s renderings” of possible alt economies.
Interesting stories SSNA visualisations New Projects A library of models. These are detailed descriptions of interventions from different places that demonstrated some success . If others like a model, they could copy the very practical things that the the original protagonists did to realize that model.
Experience backed knowledge Sensemaking Unlikely Alliances An allianceof like-minded people, that can then lobby together, apply for funding together, coordinate etc.

How to participate

You will need to put in a total of 2hrs, spread out over a 3 week period

  • 1.15 hr: Participate in the webinar
  • 30 min: Leave comments on the forum sharing your thoughts (Day after the video chat)
  • Right now, 5 mins: Fill in this form to register

What the Edgeryders team does

  • Coordinates a campaign of collaborative community fundraising to support participants’ work
  • Moderates & Documents the Listening session (video chat)
  • Community manages Follow up discussions ( ER team publishes documentation + listening session participants leave comments)
  • Produces visualisation and analysis of the conversations topics ( ER team use open source technology to produce visualisations)
  • Produces articles containing summary of insights from conversations ( ER team produces draft for participants to comment/edit before publishing)
  • Prepares & share First Draft of Concept Notes for possible joint initiatives wih participants in workspace accessible only to participants who participated in previous steps to ensure alignment)
  • Engages the fundraiser to identify possible sources of financing + fundraising strategy
  • Follow up session: Developing ideas for joint initiatives + filling in applications with support from the fundraiser.


we want to set up an individual page for each event.

Relational goods, stocks over flows, systems over networks: a webinar on the strange economy of the Messina district .

Would like to invite:

  • Gaetano from Horycus Orca Foundation in Messina
  • Niti Bhan
  • Rutger Bregman
  • Alexa Clay (Head of the RSA international, Author - the Misfit Economy),
  • Boyd Cohen ( Author - PostCapitalist Entrepreneurship: Startups for the 99%),
  • Dan Price, CEO of gravity orgs
  • Gabriella Gòmez-Mont
  • Finance people, Las Indias,
  • Nathan Schneider (Journalist)
  • Matthias Ansorg( Co-Founder Paycoupons & Edgeryders)
  • Others? and many more examples e.g companies providing low cost glaecoma treatment in india T.b.c. Other publications* . Keywords: “Post-growth organizations”. “Eco-social enterprises” and “postcapitalist entrepreneurship”, “circular economy”, “sustainability”, “climate change” , “green transition”, . Possible partners: Roope & Outi, Post Growth Institute, new economics foundation + more suggestions welcome?

What we (Edgeryders) wish to engage people to get involved in as a result of their participating in this event

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