The Edgeryders Guide to the Baltic

All over the world people are building a new world together. Amazing projects demonstrate hope for the future and visions of the world which is possible when we work together. In London, Brixton Village became a thriving example of what people can achieve when young entrepreneurs worked together to revitalize a fading historic arcade). Many people living their dreams together changed one corner of the world. Global Challenge in collaboration Edgeryders wants to collect examples of these important green shoots, espcially around the Baltic Sea Region. Please tell us about the amazing things you and your friends are doing, or have visited, so that we can showcase the cultural innovation which is shaping a new way of making our way in the world. We are interested in new kinds of employment, social enterprises and other projects which embody new values, cultural centres, galleries, projects and teams. If it’s a place that people can visit, so much the better - take a tour in your own city or while you are travelling, and see some of the New Planet.

Where does this all go?

  1. An anthology on youth, the labour market in the Baltic Sea Region to be published by Edgeryders and Global Challenge. We want to inpire one another, and others who are navigating a difficult socio-economic climate and connect them into an ever growing pool of knowledge, mutual support and opportunities for collaboration with peers through Edgeryders. It builds on work we all did together in our first book, the Edgeryders Guide to the Future for policymakers produced in collaboration with the Council of Europe last year.

  2. Global Challenge and Edgeryders will be hosting a workshop on the 15th of March in Stockholm. The workshop brings together labour market and democracy researchers, people in the academia and other European experts, alongside YOU. The workshop discussions will be heavily based on the online conversation around this initiative (#baltedge). A limited number of selected contributors will be invited to the workshop, with their travel expenses covered by Global Challenge. After the workshop, we envision these contributions to be further developed into individual articles (2500 words), meant for publication with an ISBN number this year. Each article selected for publication in the book will be paid for.

All the comments and reactions in this project group will be valid submissions for a workshop invitation, provided they are published before February 25. The more relevant your comment, and the more active you are in the conversation, the better.

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