The Edgeryders Research Network: concept note


  • Research projects are desirable because they work really well for opening new ground, funding tech infrastructure, raising the company’s profile
  • They are also now more realistic, given that we have built some track record, learned a bit better to write proposals, and published some interesting stuff and built some software. This is especially true in the European research space.
  • However, we have so far been unable to maintain a pipeline of proposals. We wrote too few proposals, and as a consequence we cannot count on it to produce a steady revenue stream.


  1. Mapping skills in the community. Where can Edgeryders bring added value, in terms of privileged access to grassroots innovation? What is the community doing? Care, development, biohacking, urban agriculture etc.
    Intelligence (low grade): monitoring opportunities in those areas. This is also done with RSS-type alert systems like TED.

  2. Making alliances with orgs with complementary strength (example: Open Evidence, Namahn).

  3. Representation and pitching: being present at events (especially in Brussels), talking to funders one-on-one, etc.

  4. Leading projects: writing proposals and taking on key roles in them, from project management to research proper.


  • Network hub: @alberto + a research coordinator. The latter ER staff, on partnership track. Take on activities 1 to 4.
  • Network nodes: people with specific interests and domain expertise, who are following certain areas anyway. Take on activity 4 and 5.

Buildup and goals

  • Public call for members (nodes + hub): done.
  • Eight months of activity funded by ER investment, ~ October to April.
  • Goal: build a pipeline of proposals. For the buildup period, the goal is to submit 8 proposal with an aggregate total value to ER of 800K EUR.