The festival website is now online, here is how you can add content to it! (web-only, mobile is next) is now online. It picks up content from the platform that is tagged a certain way, with different tags for different sections of the site. This way : if a session is posted as a proposal, and then edited till it is ready-to-publish post, once it is done you take it a certain way and it autmagically pops up in the program section.

Right now we need to have it debugged: so please have a look and leave a comment below if you see that something doesnt work - broken links etc.

Code repository for this site

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These are things that need fixing:


  1. We need to turn this into a form:

  2. Point “GET YOUR TICKET” to the form above.

  3. Point “Join our Next Co-creation Call” to

  4. Point " Add your proposal" to this form:

  5. The first “Experience it now” button should point to:

  6. The second " Experience it now" button (in the “people” section"): Change text to “Tell us about you” and point it to

  7. Also there is something wierd disconnect going on with the points on the map and the blue text in that section

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edited to reflect this

I get a broken link…

@owen see ^^

broken link here.

@MariaEuler would you be against not using typeform? I have a similar interface that will work natively on the site… the advantages: it wouldn’t redirect users to another service, puts the results in a single database with other forms and makes it possible to post to the platform (if required) with info on new signups.

I would prefer this solution proposed by @owen @MariaEuler

my main concern is time - we need this up and out today.

@owen that sounds like a better solution. How do we go about it?

fixed the link

@MariaEuler I’ll just adapt the form content and it will work in much the same way. @nadia will have it ready by today.

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Also there is something wierd disconnect going on with the points on the map and the blue text in that section

@nadia: I see that the festival website is based on Discourse tags in order to pull and display content from Discourse. Right now, only selected users (“Trust Level 3”) can apply tags to topics. If you want everyone on the platform to be able to do that, please adjust this setting to “1: Basic User”.

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done! thanks <3

The forms are online now - and buttons link to the above sections. There’s a long list of things I am working through, and will have further updates tomorrow.

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ok thanks

how are the proposals finally pushed to the site after tagging?

they are picked up through the api when tagged the right way.

ok, great, that what i thought, any idea how long it takes?

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