The Financial Times builds a kind of Witness game. Can we use it?

The Financial Times has released an online game that looks much like our Witness game prototype, except – of course – the setting is not Witness, but Earth. You need to make policy choices, and unexpected events come to disrupt your work. You play by spending effort points; if you play well, you win some of those points back, and so can spend them again. The goal is to “reach net zero” (I know).

In a way, this game misses the main point of Witness. It hardcodes the economic system into “the world”, and so misses out on the special abilities that Distrikts have in @nadia’s version. But maybe there are some strategies they used that could appeal to the next implementations, and therefore might interest @matteo_uguzzoni, @hugi and others.

I don’t think they open sourced their code, but this page contains a long description of the game’s logic, and some links to sources used in the game.