The first submission from italian communities


we are happy that one of our local participants decided to post this in the challenges:

It’s not clear though:

But he appears in the first two Channels lists, why?

What’s the relation between Challenges and Channels?

It seems like a bug. Is someone from Edgeryders doing some user testing and opening up bugs to be solved?

@Alberto @Nadia @Noemi



Well done.

Looking into it today. Thanks for the heads up.

I assume he went through “Submit a new story” on the left

If you try submitting yourself, you’ll see that you are asked to select from the existing list of challenges - you don’t have detail description about any in this editor, so you go with what sounds reasonable. (Hacking Utopia is the only challenge that has OpenCare name in it, so my guess is that’s why he chose it).

Then you are asked to assign your post to some key topics - which are channels.

So Challenges contain questions you are trying to answer; whereas Channels are general topics in the the whole website… They will end up structuring the conversation in complementary ways, and we can then create pages based on grouping stories according to channel too - it adds another layer of understanding quicklier what people are talking about. For example have a look at this (in progress):

The bug that I see is that his post should appear on the Challenges page. I filed it here:

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