The future of biweekly calls

The reznet call today is cancelled because we are not enough. However, @ivan and I are meeting tomorrow afternoon to catch up, and would need @Nica there too. Nica are you available sometime? We can adapt to your hours.

I also wanted to use this opportunity to agree on how we proceed with the team calls in future. Since last year, our team became smaller and most of the time work is organized bilaterally or in groups working on specific tasks.

However, I feel like it is still important to “sit down” all together at least once a month. So If you all agree, I would transform the team biweekly meetings into team monthly ones. They would be compulsory for the leads working on ongoing Horizon projects and open to other collaborators too. We can start from next month, let’s say first Wednesday of the month (5th of October), same time.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we cannot meet on other occasions if the projects require, but it’s an attempt on keeping some kind of continuity and connection.

@alberto @matthias @hugi @martin @Nica @nadia


A meeting once a month plus as needed: works for me.

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Hi Marina, I am flying to Berlin tonight – I don’t know what my availability will be tomorrow. I am landing at 2.25 pm tomorrow (Thursday) and will be on European time then, but I am hard-pressed to estimate how long it will take me to clear passport control and customs and to get to my hotel. I want to say (optimistically) that I could do 18.00 or 18.30 tomorrow?


this works for me. @ivan ?

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Sure. Have a safe flight!

once a month works for me

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I agree, absolutely!

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