The Future of Eye glasses

The basic idea was to create a prototype consisted of two already invented tangible objects. The eyeglasses which give you the possibility to focus by moving the lances and the one that measures your myopia and presbyopia using the size of your retina. The basic idea was to implement one to another and using an algorithm with the application on your phone you  could measure firstly your problem and afterwards adjust the focus depending on the measurements and making your eyesight perfect  almost all the time. The eye sight becomes blurry as years go by and everyone gets older.

The technology is simple as you can just focus manually too the lens either if you are trying to read a book for a long time and your eyes are focused on close objects. Using the adjustor the two lens move or slide so they come to a point where they totally focus with the poins of myopia or presbyopia you might have and you can see clearly.

The concept of the application was easier as it enables you to measure the points while you are focusing the glasses yourself. This gives you an idea of the size of your problem without necessary have to go to a doctor.