The long path from invention to innovation

Lorenzo Paolozzi, a member of the ATLAS community at CERN, will tell the story of ingenuity and serendipity that sits behind innovation. Tapping from his personal work and experience, he will offer an intriguing narrative mixing technical insights into the future of (medical) electronics, and the history of how some of it came to be thought of in a far away field decades ago, and the human meetings that determine the go-nogo steps of cultural and technological advancements.

Date: 2016-02-12 08:05:00 - 2016-02-12 08:05:00, Europe/Zurich Time.

Sounds great, but…

… the date and time are obviously wrong.

Is this for the Sunday unconference? @Noemi?


…in facts, I believe I left those fields empty, so that the community could decide whether to accept it, and for what time slot.

Let me know, so I can finalise Lorenzo’s agenda :wink:

Propose Sunday

@markomanka this just in: we have extra rooms available outside the 3 main ones where sessions uploaded so far will happen. However, note that scheduling a session at the same time will break the number of participants in each into smaller groups, and will make people regret they can’t attend sessions they may want to.

My suggestion is to go with Sunday, but it’s up to you.

Sunday works just fine

…so be it. I will notify Lorenzo and start arranging his travel schedule.