The LOTE3 aftermath

What happened? What came out of it? What next?

Four intensive days jam packed with conversations followed by all nighters takes it’s toll on our memories. Let’s help one another to fill in the gaps :slight_smile:

Over the next few days while our memories are still fresh we are answering questions about lote3 below. We think it will help us all decompress after an intense experience, as well as go some way towards ensuring it is generative for everyone involved in building it and future lote events. Your feedback will be aggregated into a synthesis of the event in forms that supports collaboration, action and more engagement in the near future.

If in addition to answering the questions in the feedback form, you want to contribute more to help us all make the most of the time we spent together, join our regular google hangouts  or upload your reflections as a post in this group. And let’s keep working :slight_smile: