The #LOTE4 Program: Preliminary draft, v.1.5

We are now reviewing different proposals for the design of the event. The most up to date version of the draft program is available here.

As always, your feedback is welcomed.

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Mentioning the unMonastery…implies that it will be in Matera…which will compromise our negotiating stance…

Document says location t.b.c.?

Location depends on which city makes the best offer. Unless I missed something (just updated this document, but location still unspecified in it)

Oh wait! I get it. You mean the description of the unMonastery!

I think it needs to be in there. It is a relevant as many lessons have been learned from the community’s first really large scale project.

Oh, I agree … the ‘unMon’ is a huge part of it… but unless you make it clear that the unMon at that stage (Oct) is unlikely to be functioning in Matera …then there will a presumption by almost everyone that it will still be running in Matera…

I shall have a go at drafting a possible alternative wording …

Ok. Check the most up to date version


Looks very professional

Hi @Nadia, well done!

The only thing that perhaps isn’t clear or I may be missing it, is whether each day is dedicated to 1 track: eg Day 1 Communities stewarding physical assets, Day 2 for digital assets etc…?

Thanks, I left it ambiguous on purpose

We can do either or really. One per day and focus attention. Or we ca have three parallalel sessions everday with a small number of presentations (max3) and then breakout sessions in each room. So people can move between tracks and test all three by end of event. Depends on number of participants.

How set are we on the dates? I’d love to come and mozilla festival is at the same dates. (and would prevent me from coming).

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Well it all depends. Who does the work…

Hey Mihi,

Welcome to Edgeryders, I don’t think we’ve been in touch before. Happy you found your way here :slight_smile:

We are just getting the structure and process, calls to action, drumroll and mailing list dynamics running etc for members of the community to be able to work as a distributed team to organise the event. Including fundraising/building partnerships ( ideally this year everyone putting in serious ought to be paid market rates if we can raise enough money). This year’s format is an evolution of past formats

The preliminary dates were the ones that work for the city of Matera which is one possible location for the event. This keeps our cost of coordination much lower. It allows us to  get out of the if we are in one location then this, if we are in another location then that, messy communication. That said, it all comes down to what the core team, still to be formed and open to anyone who wants to join, decides.

So, how do you want to be involved?