The making of: RezNet website

Recently @owen finalized the webkit and now @alberto and I are testing it to create the website for the Research Network.

The aim of this website is to present what we offer to potential partners when it comes to research projects, namely for Horizon2020 programme (but not only). This will come in handy when approaching to the potential partners who didn’t work with us before and who might not know much about what we do. The challenge is to showcase what we have in terms of methodology, tools, past and current projects in a very structured and clear way and at the same time make it interesting enough to facilitate establishing new partnerships.

For this reason, the idea was to have a few sections with very short texts, adding some videos and links for those who want to know more.

Here is how it currently looks like:

It needs improvement, mainly:

  • putting the graph visualisation as a background
  • modifying the video display
  • design touch: adapting the fonts & colour scheme…

In the meantime, we would like to ask you for the initial feedback @nadia @hugi @amelia @johncoate @noemi @matthias


made a small edit to the text. i think the research bit needs to be complemented with a bit on “impact” or what cqme out of it. Opencare - openrampette and brokered beginning of discussion between openinsulin and ciry of milab re setting up microbrewery for insulin…

NGI forward, already contributed to that parliament proposal for ec to put to vote. its described in comment at bottom of post on new principles of justice

I agree. If we want to avoid adding a lot of text, what do you think would be the best way to address the impact? Maybe pointing to some of the threads on the platform or showing them in a box like here under “browse stories”?

yes agreed. There is at least one relevant post that was produced for each project.

As for your visuals - this is now the standard look and feel for the individual pages:

And this is the template code: Campaign Template [Single]

“We offer, and seek, scientific excellence, commitment and work ethics, and deadline compliance.”


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@marina I meant to ask you to seek feedback from people in the research space. The question is whether someone who does not know us finds this website a useful introduction. Our own people know us too well to be a useful source of feedback.

Team feedback is also valuable I think. Would definitely add the stories as Nadia suggests.

I can reach out to people outside Edgeryders of course. But would rather do it when we fix the above mentioned pending issues.

It’s a good point, but telling two of these stories will double the amount of text of the whole website.

It is just meant as a conversation opener, probably browsed by some hurried Uni person who needs a partner and has neither the time nor the interest to care about any “impact” beyond the publishing of papers.

we shouldn’t limit ourselves only to those…

Added. But please, resist the temptation to add any more. Of course you can always add, but you lose clarity for the casual onlooker, the only one that counts.

Refreshed the page but can’t see it

I understood you’ll add the stories box

I do not think it is a good idea.

It’s a good start! I won’t comment on the content as it’s a little beyond my scope, but a couple of things regarding presentation and layout:

  • styling with variables in the configuration, especially in JSON, is limiting for anyone unless you have the time/patience to tinker with all the elements
  • we’ll be using theme files now to differentiate the ‘look and feel’ of each site. This means less tinkering and more focus on the content, so uses a standard theme, and uses another ‘Campaigns’ theme. the default theme could look better, and should.
  • An update to the sandbox will be coming so you’ll be able to switch and preview different themes available for the site. we can discuss the specific look for the RezNet site and similar research network sites if a custom theme is needed.
  • We can continue to use the JSON configuration here, but the syntax used for the campaigns site is I think more intuitive. It uses an HTML like syntax along with markdown:
  • Adding inline styles (like changing a font or text color) is easier with this type of syntax, as you’re not nesting long lists of style properties inside the configuration

Perfect. I don’t think we are going to need a specific theme.

@owen you have some questions in the website’s Matrix room the answer of which I would need.

Alberto where are you sending people?
e.g is not really being maintained and we don’t know if it will be around from one day to the next. So I made our own

  1. OpenCare
  2. Next Generation Internet
  3. In progress

Good point, but actually for @marina. I would propose one of these:

  • the CORDIS entries for the projects
  • the searches on Zenodo
  • a solid link maintained on our platform, simply a post that explains what the project is (was) about.

then edit these posts so you are happy with them?

  1. OpenCare
  2. Next Generation Internet
  3. PopRebel (none up yet, if you can do this it would be great - sending them to the poprebel current website is a nonstarter)