The neocolonial face of open access

Hi everyone, I want to share with you my presentation during the Opencon yesterday. It was greatly appreciated around the world and my inbox is full of congratulations. But this is not only my thoughts…I am also inspired by many of our interactions during the #openvilage.

The link of my presentation:


Thomas, many congratulations from here. I looked at the presentation slides - do you know if there is a video recording of the talk?

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Hi @nadia this is the link

The entire panel is from 7:49:00 to 9:14:00

And my speech is from 8:14:50 to 8:28:00

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@thomasmboa, I think that your work is especially important for those who (like me) hold assumptions about Open Access. Thank you for effectively communicating the neocolonial framework and persisting dominion over specialized knowledge. Though oftentimes we can talk about power dynamics in an abstract way, your specific questions get at the roots of the conflict, helping me to understand the problematic interrelationships within an idealized scholarship meant to be “open for all.”

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@unknown_author our very long discussions (you and me) are also contributing in my training to this critical view of concept before adopting them in Africa. You use to be very violent and hard in your words, but this is the foundation of african education. That is why I really enjoy your way to think which is valuable for me…