The Next-Generation Decentralized Internet for Micro and Macro Economic Prosperity

Hello Everyone,
I am Mehul Sharma, Owner & Creator of SynchroKnot Software for Cloud Computing Decentralization.

I considered being a part of the NGI initiative when I saw that I could offer my software & solution to help enable the vision of NGI.

This technology and software product is ready and available. It is an amalgamation of cloud computing, networking, IoT and Blockchain, among other technologies, which decentralizes and builds the next-generation Internet economy at both the micro and macro level in parallel, while enhancing the individual user and business freedom, privacy and competitiveness.

SynchroKnot software transforms any server, workstation, desktop or embedded device into a decentralized cloud or data center [data decenter] in minutes.

You can use any commodity X86_64 Desktop/Workstation/Server/Embedded device and connect them to eachother. There is no need to purchase virtualization software [VMware, OpenStack, Hyper-V etc], switches and routers or storage [SAN/NAS].

I encourage you to take a deeper look into how transformation can be fun and empowering at the same time.

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The value proposition in the link lists numerous money saving benefits. What other benefits to using this besides saving money/better economics?

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