The observer and explorer


I have always been fascinating with the phenomenon of community, especially with human community. Since my early age I was occupied with the questions why we as human beings seek the social contacts with others and what is the key component that connect us and make it possible the creation of (whatever) community. That is one of the main reasons why I enroll sociology and become a researcher of social reality, because that was the only reality that was interesting me. Since than I am involve in exploration of it. That is the reason why I decided to take a part in this project to rethink again what are the reasons why people entering into the communication with other person(s) and why they deciding to stay in contact, establish relationship(s) and communal spirit. It would be fascinating to me to observe this process within particular subcultural setting of cyber social laboratory that Edgeryders create for the purposes of this research.

My main area of interest is the border/margin space in which human communities perform their activities. Because this is a space where we as humans extend or narrow our human potentials. As a researcher I am exploring different types of marginal human experiences that are happening within different, cultural and subcultural social settings. The view from the margin can provide us often unexpected but very precise diagnose of the communal condition of the social system because the experiences from the margin are always less visible or invisible for the majority of community members but very important for understanding the deficiencies of the existing societal or communal structure.

I am struggling with different parts of my life which are related to different social roles that I am voluntary perform.


Hei @supernova,

This is spot on and I am surprised that you see it so soon after you got in contact with us.

You are an academic as far as I understand. Have you been part of communities outside of your profession?

Like most people, I am part of many groups struggling with multiple identities. When I first came across this one, people were saying “I found my tribe”, which for me means that you feel more yourself here than anywhere. Is the academic tribe your tribe?

Maybe you’d like what a friend of ours wrote many years back about being a social chameleon:

In some of my experiences the group identity was so strong it excluded temporary group members. At the same time the group identity can be very superficial because it is too open and spontaneous. I’ve lived in both Madrid and Barcelona and in my experience they were at either extreme of this group identifying process. I was really privileged to be incorporated into a tight-knit group in Barcelona where it felt like the group bonds would last for life, but I also felt great joy of belonging in a 6-hour lasting party group spontaneously gathered in the streets of Madrid one night. I don’t think I can make a call on the rights and wrongs of either – it’s just the way it is. (post here)