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Op3nCare Storytellers

Building a Community of Op3nCare Storytellers

We are building a community of storytellers who are using the power of feed forward stories to shape a global discussion around health- and social care, support care innovators and inspire people to act.

This is a space for you to introduce yourself and connect with other community storytellers from around the world who are passionate about crafting and sharing impactful stories. Here are a few prompts to help:

How are the questions or themes explored in Op3nCare relevant to you or people about whom you care? What relevant issues or initiatives would you like to solve or explore with others?

Those who submit to this phase of the challenge will be eligible to apply for our Op3nCare Storytelling Fellowship.

Op3nCare Storytelling Fellows will receive resources and development support to create an informative article (1500 words) and impactful video (4-5 minutes long) on health- and social care innovation.

Together with the selected Storytelling Fellows, we’ll co-create a distribution and engagement strategy that will deepen the impact of each article and video, and find direct ways in which it can support the broader welfare innovation movement. There will also be the opportunity to share these videos on media platforms, and we’ll also submit them to industry events and festivals.

Most importantly, Op3nCare Storytelling Fellows will also have the chance to build authentic relationships with a cohort of creative and innovative storytellers who are passionate about using their craft to drive positive change in the movement.

Our Op3nCare Storytelling Fellows will:

  • Receive Eur X00 in funding to support the development of their article and short video
  • Receive production guidance from a group of seasoned journalists, filmmakers and industry experts
  • Have their articles and videos shared on highly visible media platforms
  • Have their articles and videos circuited at industry events and festivals
  • Connect with other passionate storytellers making an impact"

Those that post on this Storytellers phase will be eligible for the fellowship. Your post must clearly convey that you:

  • Have experience with written and or video storytelling
  • Demonstrate interest in innovative and creative approaches to storytelling
  • Demonstrate passion for health- and social care issues
  • The Storyteller phase will end on [Month Day]. We'll then open up to an application round for submitters to pitch their idea for a short article and 4-5 minute video.

The Storyteller phase will end on MONTH DAY. We’ll then open up to an application round for submitters to pitch their idea for an article and short 4-5 minute video.

Fellows will be selected by an advisory board of experienced storytellers and industry leaders.