The Permission Board and unRules


The Permission Board, unRules and Personal Statements

This is a board

(online and we’ll have it also at the unDojo space to fill in)

of what we allow ourselves to be

and what are our preferred unRules

of our encounters and serendipity

and our personal statements

of what this meeting means to us.

unRules and Permissions

*respecting others

*respecting oneself

*being kind to each other

*continue conversation after the session


*have a peaceful moment

*keep your language clean and pure

*use words with care :slight_smile:

*give space to yourself

*give space to others

*not being bossy

*allow others to choose (what’s best for them)

*allow yourself and others to express



Perhaps also be mindful of the local culture

…and remember the context which is hosting unmonastery is a proud, conservative community with old traditions. Let’s be respectful and try not to offend local sensibilities in terms of how we behave and present ourselves while in Matera.