The Phoenix Spirit

I’m about ti explain shortly my story. It starts with the topic the Phoenix Spirit which also describes all my way till here. Struggling with several experiences and job possitions, building and colliding several bussineses, reached the experience to build a new company Phoenix Connections and set my soul on it. In Phoenix Connections agenda we have projected an Agro-Technological project called Agro-Bot which will help farmers and Agriculture reach higher scala of yields, productivity and enlarging the farming land.

Harsh startup life?

Hi @Jack_Dushica , I dont know many Edgeryders community members involved in B2B services, maybe other people do. In fact, the future of agriulture looks very different for some of us - more like direct small food chains and relationships between producers and consumers seen as supporters. See Matt’s new venture here.

You say your problem is fundraising and you seem to be a startup? How do you see this as an action of taking/ giving care? Setting your soul on it seems reasonable, better than selling your soul :-)


Hi @Noemi, it seems you are judging the book by it’s cover but i think we cant give some light and explanations to very single point or question.

The project is to be developed for individuals, hobby-farmers to the mega agricultural industries and it’s not only for B2B bussineses.

We have more than a lot of arguments covering our requests and developing. Investing on this project will bring financial and social goods and will give a very effective and professional solution to this space of the working cycle.

The website is just an presentation of our main activities, but programming and developing is something we do on other behalfs of time.

You can also visit the social network, founded by our Team member Mr. Herolind Luzha and it’s under to find or download it on forAndroid or IOS.

We have 2 type of fundraising presentations and also a very precissive description of the project which i would gladly also share with you.