The possibilities of remote working - Comment Invitation

  "config": {
    "logos": [
      "image": "edgeryders",
      "url": ""
      "image": "",
      "url": ""
		"title": "The possibilities of remote working",
		"text": 14281,
		"confirmation": {
			"title": "Thanks for your response",
			"text": "Check your inbox to confirm your Edgeryders account, join the discussion on the platform and check out our other participant responses <a href=''>here</a>."
		"account": {
			"title": "I'm new",
			"login": "I already have a username",
			"text": "To comment you need an account on the forum hosted by Edgeryders - where you can access materials, connect with other participants and get updates. Fill in the fields below and your account will be set up for you. Check your inbox for a confirmation message."
		"publish": {
			"topic": 14281
	"fields": [
			"type": "textarea",
			"title": "",
			"text": "",
			"placeholder": "Do you think coworking players are ecosystem builders too? If you have any thoughts or comments on how coworking spaces can become places that nurture creativity and innovation please comment here!"

We can talk later, but just looking here I can say:

This breaks JSON:

You have lines skipped - which is not ok, everything has to be technically on the same line (you can include line breaks in the code if you want to space out the text) - but this will immediately invalidate the JSON format.

I will do a couple of edits to fix it.

Hi @MariaEuler - I have fixed it, however the text you have put in the introduction is very long for an introduction to a form, and with many different formatting problems. I’m not sure if this is by intention or not, but I don’t think it was how the forms were designed to be used - then again I leave this decision up to you.

When length of text is a factor, and when formatting of that text is a factor, the likelihood of running into problems with JSON increases. This is just the nature of the syntax unfortunately.

My recommendation: if you have very long text with lots of formatting, and it needs to go into one of these configuration blocks, paste the whole configuration block (from the first { to the last }) into a JSON validator.

This will tell you immediately if there is a problem with your syntax (it will show in red text where the problem is) - and if it is valid it will tell you so.

  1. A string needs to be surrounded by quotation marks "
  2. A string needs to be on one line (no line breaks)
  3. Be careful with the use of punctuation inside the string - if you are quoting inside a string use single, not double punctuation marks - double quotation marks " are only used to mark the beginning and ending of a string.

Alternatively, send me the text and I will do it

thank you.

I agree that it is a weird way to use a form, the idea is that we put articles in these forms so that we can send out the links so to say as “comment invitations” people read the article and comment and join immediately.

I am supposed to set up a form like this for each of the co-working event summaries which can be found under the #co-working-event-summaries

Hm let’s discuss in the call - really the introduction should be just that, an introduction of a few lines (and it can link to more text somewhere else if needed).

Otherwise it starts to drift from the initial design purpose of the form.

Also we have the webkit for longer content - the webkit fully supports the formatting you used as well as the form -

Ok speak to you later.