The Reef 2nd Community Workshop : How can we live green, when living with others ? Join in November 14th in Brussels !

The Reef Community workshops series #2 : Living green with others

We can’t consume our way to a healthy planet. But we can consume differently and make a small difference if we do it together in the whole household

Collectively, it would be easier to test things like:

  • Building hacks: low energy heating to save electricity costs; energy storage technology; …
  • Food habits: buy local, organic, bulk instead of plastic; produce your own food; …
  • Transport optimisation: taking public transportation or biking; and not driving; …

And many more creative ideas …

Changing your behavior is hard to do when you’re alone, but easier and cheaper when you live in a community, when you share living and working spaces with others.

The workshop brings together humans of Brussels who aspire to live affordably, ecologically, socially; people who are trying sustainable life hacks and want to share; people who want to learn from others.

The Reef Community Workshop are facilitated conversations in a social space.

  • Participants share experiences in living ecologically and learn from others.
  • Participants are presented with an opportunity to collectively pursue a new kind of residential space.

Join in … if you aspire to live affordably, ecologically, and share a space with others. or are curious about it!

The workshop is part of Edgeryders effort to build the The Reef Community – a group of people who learn about and take part in a new kind of space: a future residential space for the 99%. In The Reef, inhabitants have individual apartments and privacy, but share common spaces like kitchens, living rooms, and office(s). The space will offer rich opportunities for rewarding and ecologically meaningful activities, and inhabitants are free to choose or initiate what interests them most. The Reef is in the design phase and anyone is welcome to get involved as a workshop contributor, a future inhabitant, or just a supporter!


The workshop will collect practical documentation about shared aspirations that can be implemented at The Reef, and enable those who wish to continue together to design a future home.


After you register, please wait for our confirmation (number of participants is limited to 12). Working languages are English and French.

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Although this is really “my” topic (besides IT activist stuff) and sounds superawesome, I will not be able to make time for this.

But a feedback to the links to the registration forms: They are a privacy mess :slight_smile: because they go to, then to facebook from where they go (via a hop) to another external service :slight_smile:
I think it should be possible to eliminate the first two hops and provide more direct links.

Thank you @felix.wolfsteller For your feedback :slight_smile:
Privacy mess means the link doesn’t open properly in some way ?

No it just means that my computer needs to speak to at least 4 servers with dubious operators before getting the content that I am interested in.

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Thanks for the heads-up. The text was probably copied from the fb event. Replaced the links!

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