The Reef ASBL: time for annual membership dues 2024

Hello @reeflings, a new year dawns on our ASBL! This is your yearly reminder to pay the yearly membership dues of EUR 125 per household.

  • Who must pay? All member households, except:

    • Households who became associate members after September 1st 2023. For these, we consider that the dues they paid in 2023 are valid for the year 2024.
    • Households that wish to leave The Reef (obviously).
  • How to pay? By bank transfer onto the ASBL’s account. Find the IBAN at this link (login to Nextcloud needed).

  • When to pay? Pay by Jan 20th, since having a deadline helps us stay on track.


Hello @reef-investors,

Now that the purchase of the site is coming closer, we were wondering whether you’d be willing to become an Associate Member of The Reef. For us it’s important to somehow make your commitment and membership official, and the payment of the annual membership fee (125 euro) also helps us to pay for a part of our operational costs.

If this would be acceptable to you, you can find the IBAN in the post above. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!


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