The Reef becomes a network: spaces in Bologna and Stockholm join the project

The Reef idea is getting traction. Last week we signed a memorandum of understanding with two other entities, that are interested in developing the concept of urban social-and-green living with us:

  • Fondazione per l’Innovazione Urbana, whose founding partners are the City of Bologna and the University in the same city. They are developing a 10,000 square meters hangar, formerly part of the city’s railway infrastructure, to be a kind of coworking space/service provider for the workers of the gig economy (4,000 in Bologna, 700 of them riders).
  • Blivande, well known to Edgeryders as it is @hugi’s main project. They are developing, of course House Blivande.

The MOU commits us to staying in close contact and learning from each other. We are also looking to a joint application for the second stage of the project, in 2020.

The document is here (requires access to the Edgeryders shared Drive space).