The Reef_Photos_Practicalities and location

Dear @reeflings!
Hereby a few info regarding the photos taken in the last workshop 12/06/22 and future ones.

- Photos upload and location

I created a folder in the Nextcloud where you can find, upload, download etc. photos.
Location: The Reef shared folder > Photos (EDIT: this link has been deactivated – see replies below)

Inside there is a subfolder named based on the following structure: date_category_title.
For this last workshop for example: 220612_Workshop_Get to know each other (EDIT: this link has been deactivated – see replies below)

The date ( is set first so that we can easily order by name the folders and see them in chronological order.
Future meet ups will have their own sub-folder.

If you find it better in another way let me know and I can integrate it or improve it.

- Extra photos

I saw there are some very nice lunch photos somewhere in the cloud.
It would be good if they will be moved in the same folder I created for the workshop of 220612.
Of course, any other picture you took is welcome if you would like to share it.

- Appearing in photos
Before using any photo let me know, so I can take care of obscuring the people who do not want to appear.
I know there is one person that would not like to appear; if there is anyone else, please let me know here with a message asap.

Solutions: I can blur the face or crop the person out where possible.

- Photos quality

When needed I can post-process and retouch photos.
For example: cropping, adjust contrast and light, add The Reef logo or else.

If you are planning to use some and would like to have a retouch please let me know in advance and I’ll do my best to deliver it back asap.

If there is any digital photography passionate or expert, always welcome to speak out for tips or else.

- Video

I did a few short videos.
These are included in the same folder.

That’s it I would say.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Thanks, great job @matteomeschiari! The pictures are super nice.

I took the liberty of removing, temporarily, the public link you shared. This is because

I am not comfortable with having a public link to a folder containing pictures of someone who does not want to appear in pictures. I propose:

  1. Like you suggest, let’s indeed hear from people, making sure we know who is OK wih being in pictures that might be published on the web (for example in this forum, The Reef’s website, etc.).
  2. This will give us a subset of pictures that are cleared for publication. We move those pictures into a sub-folder of the Photos folder called something like “Photos cleared for sharing”. Then, we create a public link to that folder, but not to the main one. At that point, we can share all of this beauty!
  3. Meanwhile, Reeflings can still see the photos, through their Reef Nextcloud account (log in, then The Reef shared folder => Photos), but no one else can. If you do not have a Reef Nextcloud account, just let me or @manuelpueyo know (message here, or email to and we will set one up for you.



Sure, thanks Alberto.
Yes sounds good.
I did not know it went public. Still learning.
Let me know if I have to remove any other link or sensible info.

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We all are.

THank you @matteomeschiari !

Hi @matteomeschiari,

Thanks a lot for taking the picture and for sharing them! They are GREAT!

For the moment it’s me who is taking responsibility for putting some structure in the Nextcloud and keeping it tidy, but I like your idea of gathering all pictures in one folder, so I moved the other pictures from the Workshop folder to the Photos folder.

If you would have a couple of photos that are especially nice and a good memory of the day, maybe you could add them to Alberto’s post?

Yes :ok_hand: I can add a bunch of photos as soon as I have some time along the weekend.

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