The Reef trailer

@matthias and I have decided to make a second, shorter Reef video. The one we have is more aimed at the community, we want to make one aimed at allies and funders. It will be foreground much more the green urban living innovation aspect of The Reef.

It is going to be a trailer. Duration 1-2 minutes, aimed at conveying one powerful idea rather than at representing diversity. Solarpunk aesthetics.

Points to make:

  • The community we look for aspires to be a pathfinder of new, greener lifestyles. There is an element of courage, of the elation of doing something difficult together.
  • This has been our aspiration for years, with the unMonastery and the Open Village.
  • We want to be neighbors to a university-powered innovation lab, and to offer residencies to engineers, biodesigners, inventors and artists to help us re-invent urban living.
  • We also want to be a hub for the neighborhood for this stuff. Matt has some very cool ideas about neighborhood grids, and we could have parties demonstrating cool tech, like the calcium chloride-dehydration of food. Or even a courtyard party in the winter, demonstrating “stillsuits” to keep us warm in cold weather. Matt to write a concise description of this, so I do not say incorrect things.

Video material:

  • New interview to me only (Matt’s back in Germany).
  • Salvaging some stuff from Matt’s existing footage (for example where he speaks about his truck).
  • Fragments from videos we find lying around. The aesthetics is that of the unMonastery videos made by @nicobis (below – are you out there Nicola? We miss you!). Maybe @trythis can suggest some clips? Maybe some material from @hugi and Blivande?
  • Maybe some stock footage?
  • “The music must be perfect” (Matthias).

@jakobskote, do you have something that we could use?

@alberto, are you planning to edit this together yourself or are you planning to hire someone?

Graphic facilitation might be useful to explain The Reef’s potentiality to become an innovative lab addressed to a plurality of scientific and creative minds + large audience

+1 for The Reef allies in Bologna and Blivande !

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Hi @alberto, all. I’m here, but I don’t surf this platform since lot of time… my fault, sorry.
I’m leaving in Madrid, working on video creation and production and still looking and interested in economic and social impact of politics. If I can help in any stuff, just write me and I’ll try to do my best. Hugs

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I am planning to hire Gazelle, who already delivered the first video and shot the footage of Matt and me. But we really really need a few sexy clips from YouTube!

From blivande I only have this little video of me and Nicke moving containers.

The part with welding could work! Is it Creative Commons?

It’s my private video, feel free to use it. (The song is not cc, do not use the music.)

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Good to hear from you, @nicobis. Have you got a website?

Nice! Do you have it somewhere in a format we could work with?

Emailed you a .mp4. I have the raw material on a backup back in town but not there until next week.

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The Open Source Ecology videos are full of clips that we could use as input material, and basically all of them are CC-BY licenced (as noted in the descriptions of the individual videos on YouTube).

I tried to locate a few suitable clips, and post them here:

Where the link goes to a full video, that video is full of clips that are potentally suitable. Where it goes to a position in a video, only that clip is relevant. To obtain that video at the highest possible resolution, use youtube-dl or similar software.

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Well we have an online archive of footage shot for all our videos to date. Much of that footage has been produced by @sammuirhead so please let him know if you want to use it under a cc licence. It is available on and you will find the login credentials in the wiki.

Hi @alberto at the moment I’m building my new website… This is a landing page of a project I’m developing between Spain and Italy and we want to reply in other zone of Europe
Let’s keep in touch, I’m available. Hugs all


FYI, this is no longer happening. Gazelle thinks we simply do not have the time to do a god job. @ilaria this has consequences for the reporting, of course.

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FYI from my last chat with Gazelle this week she re-iterated that she’s keen to collaborate further with us in the future and do more extensive work that needs the proper attention. When time comes then.