The Reef: update on the essentials

Hello @reeflings,

Following up to our earlier discussion on staying up-to-date, I prepared another update (internal link), with links to documents and posts that are probably useful to have been seen.




Hello @reeflings!

I hope you had a nice and rewarding summer break!

This Thursday we’ll see each other for a plenary meeting. If you need a quick update / overview on a couple of essential things you can find them in the updates document.

Key points in this update:

  • Dates for meetings in September
  • Membership updates
  • Onboarding manual

Hello @reeflings!

A very quick update this time.

Key points:

  • Dates: barbecue 17/09 and welcome moment 05/11
  • Membership updates
  • Some posts you may want to read

More news about the plenary meeting this Thursday will follow shortly.


Hello @reeflings!

A lot of things are going on, so it may be useful to get an overview on the essentials.

You’ll find them in the updates document (internal link) as usual.

Key points:

  • Dates for the calendar
  • Get-to-know-each-other workshop this Saturday
  • Coordination Group meeting

Hello @reeflings,

Lots of things have been going on on the forum, so I figured it would be helpful to get an overview on the essentials.

As usual you can find it in the updates document (internal link).

There’s quite a lot of posts that are waiting for a response or a confirmation, so grateful if you could have a look at that.



Hey, is it just me or can no one open links in the updates doc on their phone? I can click on the hyperlinked text, it then says ‘open link’, but nothing happens when I click on it. I’m working on Android.

If this is an issue everyone is experiencing, that seems like a major handicap as the doc is meant to help busy people catch up and they are more likely to be checking in via mobile. An imperfect solution might be to bitly [] the links (to shorten them), then add the link between brackets after the hyperlinked text. This way people can copy/paste the links manually and still get access via their phones.

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Nextcloud has some limitations on phone. It’s mostly a file sharing service, so we accept this limitation. Building a cohousing is quite an intense commitment, so I’m afraid logging in on a laptop will be needed every once and a while.

Personnaly, I do log in from a computer from time to time because it does make it easier, but honestly most of my activity is done in the metro…
It would also help me a lot if we made it a bit more phone-friendly… An easy way would be to indicate which folder things are in (like: team reef/asbl) or copy the full name of the document so that we can search for it on next cloud…
Otherwise, personnaly I end up looking at the post, and committing to reading it later, but it generally falls into limbo for a very long time .

I think once everybody is more familiar with nextcloud filing system, we won’t need as many pointers, but for the time being could we try and find a system that is not too time consuming for posters, but helps ensure readers can read? :wink:

I created the updates document during the summer break. Because some people were out of touch for a long time, I figured it would be helpful to have all the essential updates in one document, so that somebody who is looking for the essence doesn’t need to screen through all the little chitchat like the one we are having now.

If you need a reminder for yourself to go back to a certain post, you can always use the “Bookmark” function at the bottom. This allows you to set a reminder at a moment of your choice, and then the system will give you a notification on the top right when you asked for it.

Other than that, as long as I don’t need to spend time on it, I’m open to making stuff more mobile friendly.

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