The road ahead: important update on OpenEthnographer, GraphRyder and coding in the coming months

The new Edgeryders platform is taking shape. We are now looking at porting OpenEthnographer to it. This has consequences for the work of many people in OpenCare, so it’s important to coordinate.

@matthias and I have planned things out as follows.

  • We will not create a “reverse import” script for new content (from Discourse back to Drupal). This is wasteful.
  • We prefer instead to use that time to accelerate bringing OE to the new platform. OE will be ready to go in early September (see GitHub).
  • At that point, we will give @jason_vallet API links and ask him to point GraphRyder to them. From that moment, the whole OpenCare stack will have moved to Discourse.
  • Meanwhile, of course, @amelia cannot code… though content continues to pour in. Amelia, how would you like to devote some time to writing a second version of the speculative methodology paper, targeting an academic journal this time?

Also ping @melancon.

I was wondering how this might affect coding :slight_smile:

Sounds good—I can work on the paper. Let me know when I can continue coding.

Question: should I also refrain from updating any codes at this time (deleting, merging, etc)?

No, you can go ahead until Matt stops you. Codes will be imported into the new OE.