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Heya guys: something of a party broadcast, but thought this might be of interest?

We are looking at the potential role that ‘entrepreneurial’ millennials can play in addressing today’s social, economic and environmental challenges, particularly how they can help the UK (and Europe?!) find its way out of enduring austerity. The idea is not to focus on entrepreneurs per se, but on ‘entrepreneurialism’, whether that’s in business, education, arts and design, community development, and so on. We will bring together entrepreneurial millennials who are transforming their field of work or community for the better, whether that be in business, community development, environmentalism, public services, arts, design etc. We want to stoke up some discussion among participants about what motivates them to be entrepreneurial, what kind of barriers they’re facing, how an organisation like the RSA might be able to support them, and what radical changes government, business, and civil society can make to encourage more entrepreneurialism among their generation.

It would be great if you could suggest some names of entrepreneurial people who are around 18 – 30 years of age ( you can nominte yourself!!) who are doing great work in your own fields and who we could invite to the event. Let us know if you have suggestions for speakers and panellists.

What does the RSA do?

Hi Gaia!

How are you? I have to admit I’m not sure what it is the RSA does apart from the cool illustrations, probably I’m not alone- I don’t know that you really come into contact with them much if you’re outside the UK. Perhaps you could tell us a bit more about why you think they might be of interest to some Edgeryders as you know the community well by now as well as the RSA, no?