The Science Fiction Economics Lab: Brussels, November 11th

Sorry, I have no idea.

We have this abstract entity called “the festival”, which, at this point, is funded my multiple sources. If you want “the festival” to acknowledge all its sources of funding, then you need to add Climate-KIC’s logo. @ilaria has clear guidelines for branding. If not, we make an informal connection.

@MariaEuler Econ Scifi already has it’s own flyers etc. Lets discuss during the call today


Hello Nadia,
I saw you are the person to turn to regarding the event on the 11th. I just signed up to this platform and am curious if The Science Fiction Economics Lab event will be actually be held. I don’t see an address or clear agenda. I prepared a document (that I attached). It is a working document to transfer the economy to a Resource Based Economy. When you read my background (that I entered on this platform at my profile), you will see why I’m very interested in building this and discussing it with you, because I think this is exactly what you are looking for.

Please let me know what will happen on the 11th, if I can join, or that are other ways I can meet people that want to change the horrible monetary system we currently live in.

with kind regards,
Money (The Wrong Incentive).pdf (109.2 KB)

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Hi @teunvansambeek :slight_smile:

Welcome onboard!

The event is happening for sure. There is a website with the full agenda up here:

@ilaria and @alberto are running the physical event, cou cou guys?


Hello @teunvansambeek, nice to meet you. I confirm the Lab is up and running. You can find more info and sign up at the following links:

This is a full explanation, and also where you can buy tickets:

You specifically might also be interested into our call for co-authors: I am coordinating that myself, and am very interested in finding out more about what you do.

Is that a good place to start?


Hi Alberto,
I definitely will send you an email. Working on it already.
gr. Teun


Hi Teun, welcome here!

Alberto and Nadia already gave you all the infos but, if you need something more, don’t hesitate to ask me too. I’m looking forward to know more about your work :slight_smile:

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Hi @nadia, I heard from Jean that the event was super good! Congratulations with the organization!!

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So looking forward to the documentation!


Human Labour, the new economic unit of account for Value (page 1-12, version 11-11-2019).pdf (169.4 KB)

Hello Ilaria,

Thank you for your message. It was great to meet the entire group. Unfortunately there was little time to speak to everybody more in depth.

I attached my paper so you can see what I’m working on.

I also saw the chart Alberto sent me. It’s not very clear to me what will happen next and I also don’t really know where I can follow the progress of the group. Perhaps you have a link to discussions within the group.

Thank you and hope to see you all again.

gr. Teun


@teunvansambeek, yes. I commit to an update about the next steps. Coming up soon.

However, @teunvansambeek, this is probably a confusing thread to find the link to the paper on. I suggest you either post it as a new thread, in which you introduce yourself, or you post it in [this thread]((/t/11480).


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