The University of Torino and Edgeryders launch an assistant professorship on urban social innovation

I am happy and proud to announce that Edgeryders has partnered with the University of Turin (more exactly, the Department of Economic, Social, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences) to support an assistant professor position on Sustainable Cities and Digital Participation. U Turin is offering a three years research fellow position starting in February 2022: part of those three years will be spent physically at our Brussels office, where the Research Network has its lair.

The official language of the call is Italian (find the call here) but the application, interview and research output can be written or conducted in both Italian and English. Find below a very unofficial translation of the call in English.

Position details

  • 1 fixed-term (36 months) full-time researcher (assistant professor equivalent) position starting in February 2022 and ending in January 2025
  • Host institution: Department of Economic, Social, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences (ESOMAS), University of Turin
  • Salary: approx. € 25.000/year
  • Deadline for application: 26th October 2021

The project

The project’s provisional title is “Sustainable cities and digital participation. Analysing and modelling digital social innovation processes in the governance of urban sustainability in Turin and Brussels”. The project revolves around the identification, analysis and modeling of digitally enabled social innovation initiatives for tackling sustainability challenges in the city and fueling democratic participation processes. By adopting qualitative-quantitative research methods (including web-mining and mapping, Semantic Social Network Analysis (Edgeryder’s weapon of choice), participatory observation, discourse analysis and in-deep interviews) the researcher will investigate the operational practices and the knowledge sharing fluxes that characterise the work of the social innovators working on (socio) environmental sustainability challenges in Turin and Bruxelles. Urban regeneration processes performed via ecological co-housing, green infrastructure restoration and public space commoning are potentially investigated.

The researcher is expected to:

  • be based in Turin, except for a visiting period of 8 months in Brussels, working closely with Edgeryders;
  • conduct the project according to the defined program and timeframe;
  • acquire specialized skills in participatory socio-geographical research and digital ethnography (notably by using dedicated software for semantic social network analysis produced by Edgeryders);
  • closely collaborate with Edgeryders and the University of Turin in writing and networking for further projects submission;
  • produce scientific articles for international ISI journals;
  • offer teaching modules in line with the research topic and not exceeding 6% of the total engagement time (1500 hours per year);
  • prepare periodic research reports, communication material, and outreaching events.


Experience in critical geography, AND/OR critical digital studies AND/OR urban participatory research AND/OR digital ethnography plus confidence in using qualitative and quantitative methods are essential requisites.

Openness to interdisciplinary research, adequate track record of research outputs, knowledge of Italian and French, while not required, can be an advantage in conducting the field work.

How to apply:

The selection procedure is open to applicants worldwide with a PhD or equivalent degree. Applicants must have the requirements at the closing date for the submission.

To participate in the selection, candidates must submit their application only using the procedure available here:

If you need help or further information, talk to professor Chiara Certomà, who is also our dear friend and on this platform as @chiara.certoma. Her email is

The candidates need to:

  • complete the online application form,

  • attach a CV (English or Italian; signed with an original signature and declaration of veracity as provided in Arts. 46 and 47 of Pres. Decree 445/2000);

  • enclose maximum 12 publications (in pdf);

  • enclose a photocopy of a valid identity document.

    Deadline for application: 26th October 2021

Discussion with selected candidates: 6, 7 and 9th December 20221

You can contact Chiara Certomà ( and Paolo Giaccaria ( if you want to discuss the position.

For information on the selection process you can contact the University of Turin secretary:; (please insert in the object “procedura rtda PNRR”)


Made you a flyer:

Thanks @alberto and @nadia for spreading the voice. Interested candidates do not hesitate to drop me a line here!


tell me if you need more visual materials for this. Takes me 5 min to make them.

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fantastic @nadia ! (and rather uncommon for academic competitions - so, absolutely innovative! )

@nadia @alberto ciao, in a couple of days I’m going to see the selected candidate for the researcher position we advertise toghether, Samantha Cenere. I’d like to have by then our gdrive folder set up, so as I need to include other colleagues from my team but I fear you cannot give me the "administrator’s priviledges on the existing folder, I created a new one where we will upload updated materials.
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