The unMonastery Book of Mistakes

The Book of Mistakes – Il Libro degli Errori

Affonta i tuoi errori faccia a faccia

The strongest reality at the unMonastery is that we have more brilliant ideas than we can possible carry out. Blessed are those with tunnel vision; for us mortals the options all too easily become paralysis or a lack of elegance.

Jettisoning promising leads, while cultivating perfection, doesn’t sound immediately wise. Forcing one’s model upon non-pliant reality doesn’t work either. Organic growth seems to fit our philosophy, but requires infinite patience…

To circumvent these and other plagues upon our existence, it was proposed by (I think) the Glorious Anna that we keep a Book of Mistakes. Attempts to diplomatically lessen the drama of the title to The Book of Greater and Lesser Omissions have met with little success. Entries enter the record through various channels - linked on the unMo pages; saving our facebook; heaped upon one another on

In an attempt to bring clarity to them that loves us - the greatest hits of the Book of Errors will gradually make their way squealing and howling to this group. (It is recorded that such texts cannot possible thrive in the default ER font.)